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Brian C.

"Awesome sound! Very deep rumble. I love it!!!" - Brian C. – Custom application of our C-5 tips/mufflers on a Dodge Dakota R/T.



“I had the 3” pipes (Chambered mufflers) installed last week with some Sanderson headers for Gen VI engine – they really woke that motor up! Like night and day. Idles better, revs better and seems to run cooler, the pipes sound good. Thanks for your help and cooperation in shipping them fast.” – Joe



“All my buds like the new sound and I love it. My daughter can hear me coming down the block to pick her up at daycare and says, "Here comes my daddy in the white car". She is three and loves to cruise around town in the convertible.” – Tom


“I ordered 2 stainless steel chambered mufflers from you a while back. All I have to say WOW!!!! I thank you so very much for convincing me that these are the way to go. Once again, I thank you for quality service you gave me and excellent products you have on the market. The sound is defiantly incredible and very deep. The performance increase compared to my old single in, dual out muffler is pretty nice also. The top end on the car now is just plain ridiculous. It came out great and better than expected. For the money, you just can’t beat the cost-to-power ratio for these mufflers. Thanks again!” - Luis G. – LS1 Universal Chambered Mufflers


Eddie P.

“I was pleased with the sound of the Sweet Thunder installed in my 2001 Chrysler Prowler. I used the 24” Sweet Thunder with an X pipe welded to the front of the mufflers to make them the same length as the original mufflers for changeability. THE SOUND IS INCREDIBLE coming from a 253 hp V6. Here are pictures of the Prowler and the finished exhaust system. Thanks!” - Eddie P.


James D.

“This is James D. from Spartanburg, SC. I own the 1973 Excalibur Phaeton that I ordered the stainless muffler inserts for last year. The car sounds so strong and powerful at all engine speeds. At low speeds the Phaeton has a mellow but deep rumble up to about 45mph. As she climbs to 70mph the sound is a super strong roar. At 100mph the car is turning about 4400 rpm and that’s when the “Sweet Thunder” kicks in. I make sure people can hear me coming from at least a mile or more before they can see the car. The 454 seems to breathe better since installing the new mufflers too. Thank you for a great product!” - James A. Deck


Sounds awesome!!! I am very happy with the results from your chambers. I have had nothing but compliments about the sound.” - Mike
*Note: Mike used a pair of our 18" x 2 1/2" aluminized chambered mufflers on his later model GMC truck. – need pic


"Sounds great and no interior resident frequency problems!” - D. Smith - a pair of 38" chambered mufflers installed on an 1974 Corvette.

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