Prowler X Pipe Chambered Muffler Bolt On Maximize

Prowler X Pipe Chambered Muffler Bolt On

Sweet-Thunder for your Prowler. Install one of our X,

H, or True Dual Chambered Muffler combinations for your Prowler and hear the difference. Constructed just for the Prowler these systems are offered in 18” and 24” configurations from 14ga. aluminized or Stainless.

For those seeking a mild tone we offer the PRS Chambered Muffler.

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All of our Prowler products are direct bolt on fit for a hassle free installation.

You will immediately see how restrictive the stock Prowler muffler is by the burned or blue coloration of the canister. 

For additional flexability the stock Prowler tip mufflers can be removed using a 3/16” drill on the two rivits per tip. Simply drill until the rivit head pops off and then tap out the remaining rivit body using a punch suitable for the hole size. With a pair of pliers grip the inner pipe flange and pull out the cartidge. Should the sound levels rise above personal taste simply reinstall the tip muffler using stainless rivits.

** All Systems ship with 2 Accuseal /TorcTite Stainless Steel clamps **

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